Modern denture technology at Kingston-upon-Thames dentist

Kingston-upon-Thames dentists have been fitting patients with dentist for many years but they say that today’s modern dentures are the best ever. It is true that in the past dentures have left a lot to be desired in terms of realism and comfort but with modern technology, it s now possible to design dentures for individuals that fit well and don’t cause irritation.

Losing your teeth due to decay or some other kind of dental trauma can be a very unpleasant experience. It can often lead to both physical and emotional problems so it is important that a solution is found as soon as possible. In many cases this involves having a set of dentures fitted to restore the appearance of teeth. In some cases these dentures can be ill fitting and loose, despite the fact they are supposed to stay in place by suction around the gums alone. This means that many patients resort to using denture adhesives and gels to keep the dentures in place. These can often be very messy and prevent you from eating various foods.

It is now possible to have mini-implants fitted into your jawbone which will act as a solid base for your dentures. Clips will be fitted to your existing dentures which can snap on and off to the implants, meaning you no longer need to worry about dentures falling out or being loose, and you are free to enjoy whatever food you want. This is just one of the many technological advances that have been made in recent times to improve the standard of treatment for denture wearers. Find out more about dentures at your next appointment with your dentist.