Missing Teeth- A Sunbury Dentist Explains

Going to a dentist about a tooth replacement can often leave you with more questions than answers about the technical aspects of such procedures, explains a Sunbury dentist.
Do I need the tooth replaced? What are the options? Replacing a tooth isn’t always necessary, depending on where the tooth is missing, how vain you are or, under what circumstances the tooth was lost. If the tooth was knocked out in a trauma, it could lead to complications- the damage could run deeper and may weaken the other teeth around it. This in turn could lead to infections and gum disease. So what are the options? Dental implants have come a long way over the years and the procedures more refined. In short, a screw is drilled into the bone and the tooth is then attached to it. It’s a fairly painless operation and should look natural once set. Implants do not come cheap though and can run into the thousands depending on the work required. The cheaper option is a dental bridge or a fixed partial denture. This is where the new tooth will be attached to the existing teeth either side of the gap. The success of both procedures however is in the healing process. We all heal differently and a dentist will be reluctant to give you a precise healing envelope. But you will told what can hinder the recovery- smoking slows down the healing process, heavy drinking stops the gums from healing and in the case of implants, teeth grinding can stop the implant from fusing. Most importantly, oral hygiene during this period is paramount. Making the choice can be a trauma in itself. This is where you need to have faith in the dentist that will carry out the procedures and be happy in yourself that you understand what’s involved- especially the cost.