Mini-implants for patients in Kingston-upon-Thames

Cosmetic dentistry is rife in Kingston-upon-Thames and rightly so, there’s no harm in smiling fabulously. But with anything you ‘choose’ to have done, it is also settling to learn about what exactly is going to happen and Mulberry dental care is on hand to anyone that requires guidance in this department. This is especially true when having a mini-dental implant fitted, as it is a complex looking operation on paper. In actuality however, it is an extremely routine, quick and painless operation these days, as you will discover when seeking advice. Mini-implants are used to support a number of minor cosmetic replacements when someone has suffered tooth loss in some form or another. The idea of having a titanium rod screwed into the jawbone sounds grisly, but it’s not at all; laser pinpoint surgery and the use of computers have made this once delicate operation, simple and multiple minis can be fitted within the hour! They can be used to support small crowns or dental bridges, but they really come into their own when used to lock dentures firmly into place. They are a very versatile treatment and give more freedom to anyone who has suffered from tooth loss than ever before.