Mini-implants and looking after your teeth in Molesey

The very word ‘implant’ means that you are going to have something odd and alien put into your body- this can put you on the back foot in Molesey because no-one likes an operation of any sort. But here’s the deal, taking the plunge and having something ‘done’ can mean you spend a glorious time on earth a lot longer and when it comes to your mouth, it is one of the most seminal elements of your body, so you need to look after it. At times, we will all go through some degree of tooth loss, but by replacing the teeth as quickly as we can, will prevent the mouth suffering from further trauma. Mini-implants have been a revelation in dental circles, because thanks to new equipment such as lasers and computers, these titanium jewels can be fitted in under a day. They will help support a crown or a dental bridge and they have re-vitalized those that have to wear dentures- fit five or six into the jaw and anyone that wears false teeth can bite bark from a tree as they are so secure when they click the dentures into position. The even better news is that going ahead with this treatment has become remarkably cheap: check with your dentist first, but this is definitely a dental treatment for the 21st century.