Metal-free straightening with Invisalign from Weybridge dentist

Nobody relishes the idea of having to wear braces. The thought of up to three years with a mouth full of unattractive metal is enough to put anyone off, let alone a teenager in the most emotionally difficult time of their lives. Thankfully, over the last ten years a number of companies have designed orthodontic straightening devices that have addressed some of the key drawbacks of traditional fixed-metal braces.

One such development, made by Align Technologies, has been the Invisalign brace. This is a revolutionary new invisible brace that is almost impossible to see, yet just as effective as a conventional metal brace. Invisalign braces are made from one-millimetre thick plastic and designed especially for the individual’s teeth. Each plastic retainer is worn for a period of about three weeks before being replaced by another with small adjustments. In this way, over the course of the average 18-month treatment, the teeth are gradually realigned to be in a more aesthetically pleasing position.

The other major advantage of the Invisalign system is that the braces are completely removable. This means they can be taken out for cleaning purposes, or even for sports or social occasions. This is a major advantage for teenagers and even young professionals keen to avoid the stigma so frequently attached to wearing braces.

As the average treatment time of Invisalign braces from a Weybridge dentist is just 18-months this also means it is shorter than with traditional braces. Just another reason why Invisalign is rapidly becoming very popular with both dentists and patients across the UK.