Lumineers for a Healthy Smile in Weybridge

Veneer treatment has been around for quite a while now and it’s become a great favourite among dentists and their patients: there’s a good reason behind this. For a start, veneers are versatile and easy to fit, covering up all manner of problems such as gaps and chips. They reinstate the length of the original tooth; this may have been lost to general wear and tear over time, and restore the confidence to your smile you thought you had lost. However, having a standard veneer involves the removal of the enamel on the tooth. But now in Weybridge, you can have a patented, Lumineer fitted instead. These are wafer thin- a third of the thickness of a normal porcelain veneer but extremely strong and once you’ve been measured up, your teeth prepared and the Lumineer made up in a lab (it takes about 2 weeks, an hour if you choose CEREC treatment), they are simply cemented over the original tooth without any enamel loss. The finish and look that it gives to the mouth is remarkable and if they are well looked after and treated with respect, they should last you up to six years. The ‘thing’ with a Lumineer is, if you don’t get on with them, the treatment is reversible- they can be taken off and the tooth restored to how it was before. They are worth popping into your dentists for a look.