Lumineer’s are here to stay says a Kingston- upon-Thames dentist

Lumineer’s are just what the doctor ordered or should that be the dentist! A Kingston- upon-Thames dentist has been advising their clients about the advantages of having these new veneers fitted. They are made from a new formula that is so hard wearing and tough, it is possible to make them in a very thin format. Most of the problems associated with veneers have been overcome by this fabulous innovation from the world of dental science. With normal veneers the tooth has to lose some of its enamel so the veneer blends in on the tooth to look natural, this process is irreversible and that means that the tooth can only ever have more veneers in the future. Veneers do get discoloured, that’s a fact and they have to be replaced around about every 10-15 years. With the Lumineer it is so thin that the tooth loses no enamel at all, and the Lumineer can be taken off at any time for work to be done on the tooth. It is a tough cookie with a lifespan expectancy of some 20 years; they are fitted on without an anaesthetic and in about 20 minutes or so. The cost has also come down as they are cheaper to make and not so much work goes into fitting them, they need no special care either, you just simply use them and clean them like a real tooth, and your 6 monthly visits to the dentist will make sure that they stay in pristine condition.