Lumineers and Veneers in Surbiton

There are a lot of ways you can get your teeth into shape and looking lovely and health, but on some occasions, you may have to go a little further in order to restore that youthful look that has been ravished by cracks, gaps, receding gums and general wear and tear. Essentially, these problems need covering up and a Surrey practice suggests that you may like to take a look at Lumineers the next time you are at your dentists in Surbiton. These made from unique, patented porcelain, in a sense, they are a veneer. However, they are even thinner than your average porcelain veneer which makes them more versatile when it comes to fitting them. When you have a veneer fitted, it involves the removal of the teeth’s porcelain, but with a Lumineer, it is simply ‘glued’ onto the surface of the tooth and therefore, the process can be reversed. Being extremely thin, they do have a shorter longevity than normal veneers, but they are durable if cared for and can last you anywhere up to ten years. They are designed to be a quick fix, but once they are in the mouth, they will make a radical difference to your smile again.