Learning about CEREC in Molesey from Mulberry Dental Care

The world of cosmetic dentistry has been refining itself for decades now, and as new ideas and technology enter the fray, they get thrown into the equation in order to make treatments better and faster and in Molesey today, you can find the perfect example of this in the form of CEREC. In order to keep up with the demands of a changing world, this treatment can offer instant results when it comes to having veneers, bridges and crowns fitted. Normally, these type of procedures would take a couple of weeks to complete, but with CEREC, it’s over within about an hour and a half. When you sit down with the dentist, images of your teeth are taken and then fed into a computer. The dentist then sets to work on preparing your teeth, whilst in the background, the computer has come up with the precise design and fed it into a machine that is now manufacturing your new fitting and within around 20 minutes, it’s ready to be fitted. The good thing about this is that if there is any flaw in the design, it can be rectified on the spot. If you want to know more about this treatment and what it costs, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in the area.