Learn More about Root Canal Therapy with Your Dentists in Kingston upon Thames

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is also called endodontics. This is a type of treatment or procedure that is needed when damage has reached the pulp of your teeth and has become infected. When there is severe infection of the pulp or the nerve, an abscess could develop and tissues around the tooth can get enflamed and deposited with pus. This can cause you much pain and discomfort as the nerve endings are already well exposed, not to mention the pain that infections cause. If this is not treated with root canal, the tooth may have to be pulled out. We all know that permanent teeth grow only once and therefore much care is needed to save it.

How Is the Treatment Performed?

Although this type of treatment involves surgical procedures, it is not painful as local anaesthetics are employed before the surgery. Basically, its goal is to take away all infected parts in the tooth to prevent it from further spreading. The root canal itself, as it is the one that is infected, is taken away and the cleaned-out tooth is then disinfected properly before filling it in.

Since the nerves of the tooth have been taken away, the tooth will eventually darken, which is why the dentist will have to carry out special procedures to mask the discolouration. A crown is a good option as it will also provide the much-needed strength and support needed by a dead tooth.

This is a time-consuming procedure but most patients and doctors in Kingston upon Thames attest to its successfulness.