Laser Your Teeth to Health in Weybridge

If you’ve been down to your dentist in Weybridge of late, you may well have noticed that your last treatment was painless and though they say you had a filling, there was a distinct lack of drilling going on.

The truth is that the drill may soon become one of those old fashioned dental instruments, among others, that are on the endangered list, because the age of the laser has arrived. More and more dentists are turning to their use because they are just so efficient and precise.

Start with the drilling process. A normal drill can cause vibration and further damage, but with a laser, it just burns its way into the tooth with extreme accuracy and clears away the decay inside. It is perfect for root canal treatment as it can remove the roots effortlessly as well as the dead pulp. The laser can also be used for gum contouring as it causes the minimal of damage to tissue, making the healing process faster.

Dental implants used to be quite a long, drawn out and cumbersome operation, but thanks to the laser, and a little computer work, the implant can be placed into the jaw in no time at all, with pin-point accuracy, and again with little damage to the gum tissue, increasing healing. Dental implants can be done in a matter of hours today when combined with laser dentistry.

The most popular use of a laser though, is in the use of laser teeth whitening. In as little as an hour you can walk out of the dentists and onto the cover of a magazine- it’s that good. So next time you’re in, ask your dentist all about lasers treatments.