Kingston upon Thames Dentists Offer White Fillings

White fillings are tooth coloured fillings, made of composite dental material. These are offered in Kingston upon Thames as an alternative to amalgam fillings, and can be placed in both the front and back teeth. White fillings contain no mercury or metals, and will match your teeth colour quite nicely. They are very natural looking. Your Kingston upon Thames dentist will have many white filling shades and will find the correct match for your teeth.
Placing white fillings are more difficult than placing amalgams, but the amount of tooth that needs to be removed for white filling placement is less than that of amalgam fillings. Your dentist will anaesthetize the area of your mouth where the white fillings will be placed, and will remove decay and weakened parts of the tooth. A protective substructure is then placed, to avoid damaging the pulp, and the tooth is etched, washed and dried. A liquid material (unfilled resin) is placed into the tooth and set up using a special light source. This material flows into all of the nooks and crevices of the tooth preparation. The white filling is then placed into the tooth using special instruments, and this is again set up using the special light source. The white filling in then shaped and polished. The area of the mouth where the white filling is being placed must be kept dry during the procedure. After the white filling is placed, you can carry on as usual!