Kingston upon thames dentists can provide helpful information to prevent discolouration of teeth

There are various causes of tooth discolouration ranging from environmental factors to lifestyle choices.

What you eat and drink can greatly affect the discolouration of your teeth. Drinking coffee, tea, wine or colas regularly can stain your teeth as well as certain foods such as apples and potatoes. Smoking or using tobacco of any sort is also one of the primary causes of discolouration. Making small adjustments to your lifestyle, like cutting back or quitting smoking or drinking coffee, can help stem the staining of teeth.

Poor dental hygiene such as inadequate brushing and flossing can lead to the build up of plaque which can turn into tartar if not removed, which also stains the teeth and also allows staining substances like coffee to remain in the mouth. A visit to a dental hygienist every six months should help to remove plaque and tartar and also they can remind you of the correct methods of dental care.

Certain diseases and medication can also lead to the discolouration of teeth. Diseases which affect the enamel and dentin on the surface of teeth can cause stains and treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy can also cause teeth to loose their natural colour.

Some antibiotics can cause the staining of teeth in children that are still developing, as can some mouthwashes, so it is always important to ask your dentist. Kingston upon thames dentists will be able to advise you which products and medicines are best to use.

There are of course some factors over which you can have no control. Ageing itself causes a natural discolouring of the teeth and some people will naturally have brighter teeth than others. Geographical location can also have an effect as people living in areas with a high fluoride content in the water will often see stains begin to appear.

However, making a few small adjustments to your lifestyle, having regular dental check-ups with your Kingston upon thames dentist and brushing and flossing correctly can help maintain a bright and healthy smile.