Kingston upon Thames Dentist: Solve Your Bad Breath Problems

If you are getting conscious about the freshness of your breath, maybe it is time to visit your Kingston upon Thames dentist.

You might be surprised to learn that bad breath is actually a common problem and it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Usually, it could be that bits of your food get stuck in between your teeth and after a while, bacteria will feed on these food bits and release the smelly odor. If this is the case, your dentist will recommend that your brush your teeth regularly and make sure that you have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year.

On the other hand, certain medical conditions could result to foul-smelling breath. These include:

• Dry mouth or Xerostomia
• Throat infections
• Sinusitis
• Bronchitis
• Diabetes
• Liver or kidney problems

Your dentist will thoroughly check your mouth, gums and teeth and if they are found to be quite healthy, you will be referred to a GP to have you checked for other health disorders.

In addition to this, tobacco smoking can also cause bad breath. Obviously, you can only have fresh breath if you quit smoking. Moreover, your teeth will no longer be stained.

For bad breath, your dentist will start you on a routine that will help you keep your breath fresh. Regular cleaning will remove the plaque that are trapped in between teeth and gums especially those found in hard-to-reach areas. Mouthwashes can be used upon the recommendation f your dentist.

If you are wearing dentures, your dentist can also give you instructions on how to keep them clean, allowing you to have fresh breath.

Keep in mind that bad breath is treatable and once the cause has been determined, you will only follow your dentist’s recommended course of treatment.