Keeping up with Dental Check-ups in Surrey

Keeping up with your regular, bi-annual check-up in Surrey is the perfect support you need for your already superb oral hygiene program that you carry out everyday at home. Dental products are big business these days and they get the job done superbly; you’ll find a product for every ailment in the mouth and that can only be good for the overall health of your mouth. However, you’d be foolhardy to get complacent and think that you don’t need have a checks-up as often as you should, just because of the products you use, and in all honesty, can anyone truly say that they carry out their oral hygiene techniques with precision each day? This is why you need the back-up of your dentist: bacteria can form in the mouth very quickly that can lead to the growth of plaque and tartar. This is the point at which you are moving into the ugly world of tooth decay and gum disease. At a check-up, your dentist will check for plaque and tartar and remove them by de-scaling and then polished. But it is also the time to have an x-ray to check for the development of tooth cavities. If caught early, they can be remedied with a filling, but if you have missed an appointment or two, the decay will require a root canal to fix the problem. Gum disease also needs to be checked too, and by regular visits, you can discuss with your dentist the best way to overcome these problems and talk about all aspects that concern your mouth, from diet and the products you use, to cosmetic dentistry.