Just try spotting Invisalign in Shepperton!

You didn’t see arrive and so you don’t know it’s here, but here in Shepperton it very much is- the thing is, it’s invisible so you won’t see it, might feel it though. Now be honest, who would have thought they would ever see the words ‘invisible’ and ‘aligner’ in the same sentence- join the two together and you get Invisalign, an incredible tooth straightening program from the States. To get on the program, you need to be digitally X-rayed, from which your aligner is made and from which you can also see a projected image of what your teeth will end up looking like. There are a series of aligners made for you to change as your teeth move. Some people find discomfort at first, but what aligner isn’t difficult when first fitted and you will soon adjust. Of course you’ll be aware of it being there but here’s golden moment, no-one else will though, because it is barely noticeable- being made from a clear plastic. It’s removable, so you can carry on doing things normally such as cleaning your teeth regularly and eating and kissing, making this a very hygienic treatment to opt for, but here’s the rub- it works 3 times as fast as most other treatments! A tad ironic because you can’t see it anyway so it can take as long as it likes!