Invisalign® System is Offered in Weybridge

Invisalign® is now available at your Weybridge dental clinic. The procedure includes a series of clear plastic “teeth aligners” fabricated using a complex computer technique. “Teeth aligners” are manufactured specifically for each individual to straighten and move their teeth. This is more accepted today, rather than the orthodontic wires and brackets of old. However, there are times when these are also required in certain cases. Your Weybridge dentist is trained in Invisalign®. Moreover, Invisalign® offers a more comfortable teeth movement process and is patient friendly, meaning the patient can remove the trays to clean their teeth, and there are no sharp edges. . Invisalign® takes about a year to achieve the required result, versus 2-3 years for normal orthodontic braces. There are several other limitations to Invisalign® in that, it cannot being used for partially erupted teeth or very crowded teeth. Invisalign® is becoming very well-liked.
Have a consultation with your Weybridge-based dentist prior to choosing if Invisalign® is your best choice. Your dentist will perform a complete work-up and examination. Your dentist will make a mould of your mouth and analyse them. If it is decided that Invisalign® is right for your teeth, the moulds will be scanned into a computer, and your series of successive 12-48 clear plastic trays are made and returned to your dentist. Your dentist then helps you to insert your first trays, and give you lessons on placing the trays in the right succession. The trays won’t feel right at first, but will then feel more comfortable as your teeth begin to move. Your teeth will then be given time to rest in their new position, and then the next tray will be inserted, and so on and so forth, until your teeth are moved unto their final resting position. You will see your dentist monthly to make sure everything is going as expected, and for slight modifications if necessary.