Invasalign Treatment At Worcester Park

Wearing braces at any stage of your life can be daunting and often complex. But a relatively new idea from America has revolutionised the treatment, according to dentists at Worcester Park. Invasalign does what most orthodontic procedures do. It’s concerned with teeth straightening, crooked teeth, crowded teeth and the occlusion of the jaw- the bite, just like traditional braces, but it offers a lot more benefits. Before treatment begins, consultation must take place and once decided upon, then the dentist will take moulds, photo’s and x-rays and feed them into a computer to develop 3-D images. This allows the patient to see forecast images of stage-by-stage treatment and more uniquely, an image of the final result. Once the patient starts the treatment, an ‘invisible’ retainer is fitted to the teeth and starts to work like a conventional brace, slowly pulling the teeth into place. Here’s where the similarities start to differ. Though the retainer must be worn for at least 22 hours a day, it can be removed for eating and teeth cleaning- this cuts down on the build up of plaque and bacteria. It will be replaced every 2-4 weeks with a new one to continue the movement of the teeth. Other benefits of Invasalign is that is non-invasive, there are no wires are the mouth is less likely to suffer from irritation in the beginning. Treatment times also differ greatly from conventional braces. The Invasalign course lasts up to 18 months, normal braces anywhere up to 96 months. But it is the cosmetic advantages that make this product popular. It’s difficult to detect in the mouth and people around you can be unaware that you are undergoing treatment. Price? Up to £3000 can stop the playground ridicule!