Instant Teeth Repairs with CEREC in Sunbury

If you wonder where the future of modern cosmetic dentistry lies in Sunbury, just take a look at CEREC. If you’re in need of a bridge, white fillings, a crown or a veneer, traditionally, that would be a 2-3 week procedure, simply because the moulds taken of your mouth would have to be sent away for manufacture, but CEREC incorporates everything new in dentistry. When you walk in for the treatment, firstly, digital images are taken of your mouth and fed into a computer, which in turn is fed into a milling machine that makes your new fitting on site to the shade that suits your mouth. This process allows your dentist to get your teeth ready for your fitting. The major benefit is that any ‘tweaking’ or adjustments to the fitting can be also done there and then- in one visit! Essentially, what this treatment offers is complete restoration to your teeth in as little as an hour and a half. Now if you’re a person on the go, always busy, but also always need to look good at all time, this treatment is a godsend. It’s getting popular, so prices are tumbling, making it as comparable to traditional ways of fixing your teeth, but without the wait!