Instant joy for your mouth with CEREC in Shepperton

There was a time in Shepperton when, if you needed to have a veneer fitted, a crown or even a bridge, you’d have to wait weeks until the part was made and even when it did return from the lab, there was no guarantee that it would fit correctly, which meant sending it back again. Fortunately, that has all changed thanks to the computer and digital imaging and as a Surrey Practice enthuses about, if you are a busy person in a hurry, you can have these fittings done and dusted in under 2 hours if you opt for CEREC. When you decide what you want doing, you will have digital x-rays and images taken and then fed into a computer that translates the dimensions into a milling machine that makes your fitting while you wait. Naturally, during this time, the dentist can prepare your teeth and get on with any other work that needs doing. Then, you are kitted out with your new look and off you trot- smiling wildly! Of course, the other advantage of CEREC is that if there is a problem with the fitting, it can be rectified in-house, there and then. In comparison, there is also very little difference in cost compared to having the work done the old-fashioned way. Which method would you go for?!