Inman and Invisalign aligners, a Shepperton dentist explains the difference

There are two main types of self contained braces on the market and they both do excellent jobs, although the Inman is recommended only for misaligned front teeth says a Shepperton dentist. They do however both have very similar qualities and it is hard to choose the best one, one of those qualities is the fact they can removed and popped back in at any time by the patient. The braces work by the same principles as a conventional brace in that they pull the teeth into new positions over a period of time. Instead of the workings being cemented onto the teeth they are installed into a self contained unit that looks very much like a gum shield, how they are set and the pressure points, are all worked out by a computer program well in advance. The program will even produce a 3D film showing how this will all work week by week; this allows the patient and the dentist to actually see the work in progress and the end result. The Inman has a thin bar running across i,t and the Invisalign is so called because it doesn’t and is almost invisible to the naked eye. As long as they are worn for at least 20 hours a day they will work and do the job well, but the fact they are removable is tempting to leave them off for longer. Most people will just remove them for a few minutes while they clean their teeth, and an hour or so while they eat.