Inman Aligners. The advantages of this revolutionary mobile brace. By a Molesey dentist

Inman Aligners were designed to help adults achieve straighter teeth, and they are one of those great ideas that actually do what they say on the tin, says a Molesey dentist. The braces are unique in that they are designed like a sporting gum shield, and they come as a series of prefabricated braces. They are designed with tiny weights and pulleys built into the brace, these are made in sequence so that the teeth are pulled and pushed in a certain direction. The way it works also alters the blood flow in the gum line, this allows for new bone to grow behind the tooth and this ensures that the tooth doesn`t go back to its old position. The brace is clear in colour, but there is a bar that runs across the front, this holds it all together. They are only effective on the top and bottom front teeth, the way the pulleys are placed doesn`t allow any pressure points on the inside, so the back teeth cannot be manoeuvred like the front ones. Your dentist will take photos and make a mould of your present teeth, this information is scanned into a computer and that works out all the maths. The series of braces are then made in advance, and they are fitted every two weeks by the dentist. You will also get a DVD in 3D that will show you the whole procedure, and the end result. You will be able to see the results, which can take from 3 to 8 months to complete, right from the start. Your dentist and you will also be able to keep track all the way through the treatment, now that is technology on the move, right here and right now.