Inman Aligner more Popular than Ever for Patients from the Surbiton Area

Many people are confused by the many different treatments on offer when it comes to finding a solution for misaligned teeth. One of the solutions on offer is a combination of the traditional metal brace and an invisible discreet brace called the Inman Aligner.

Why choose this brace?

The Inman Aligner is mainly used mainly for front teeth that are not aligned and uses power created by coiled springs on both sides of the teeth to squeeze them together. The main difference with this brace is that it provides extremely quick results, sometimes in as little as 6-8 weeks. So, if you are looking for an intense treatment this is the brace for you. It is also considerably cheaper than other invisible braces and you only wear one aligner for the entire treatment.

More benefits?

Like the Invisalign braces this brace is also removable so that you can take it out when you have your lunch, or have a coffee as well as when brushing and flossing. The speed of the results you can achieve are mainly dependant on how long you wear your Inman Aligner. If you choose to only wear it a few hours a day, results will take longer to achieve. It is recommended that you wear the brace for about 20 hours per day to get fast results. The only downside to this treatment is that the braces are not quite as discreet as Invisalign as they can be seen in your mouth, but if this doesn’t bother you and you are looking for a fast, effective method of straightening your teeth then this is the brace for you.

The Mulberry Dental Care service will give patients from Surbiton and close by all the help and advice they need to make the right decision for their teeth.