Incredibly thin Lumineer veneers from Molesey dentist

Lumineers are a special type of veneer designed to be ultra-thin and incredibly strong in order to limit the preparation needed before fitting them to damaged or stained teeth. Veneers have traditionally been used to restore the appearance of badly worn, discoloured or unevenly spaced teeth. In the past however, veneers needed the removal of a certain amount healthy enamel in order to fit the veneers over the teeth.

Lumineers have finally provided an answer to this problem and being only as thin as a contact lens, can easily fit over teeth without any enamel removal. As a result, the procedure is even reversible as normal tooth structures are left intact. This means that it is now possible to repair damaged teeth without causing any unnecessary damage.

Veneers are attached using tooth-coloured resin bonding, which also acts as an extra layer of protection against damage to the teeth. Once fixed in place, veneers are almost impossible to tell apart form normal teeth, especially Lumineer veneers as they are so thin they have a translucent enamel appearance.

Lumineers are manufactured by Cerinate and are revolutionising veneer technology. Even though they are incredibly thin, they are also very strong and resistant to cracks and chips which can be a problem with other veneers. Molesey dentists are now offering Lumineers to patients with a range of visible dental problems. In only two or three appointments it is possible to completely change the appearance of your smile and restore the self-confidence often lost due to poor teeth.