Incredibly fast teeth straightening with Six-Month smile brace fro Molesey dentist

Patients with overcrowded, unevenly spaced or crooked teeth have the option of having their teeth straightened with orthodontic braces. Braces are devices made of ceramic, metal and plastic that manipulate the teeth into a more aesthetically desirable position. In the past, braces have often been uncomfortable and unseemly and could take up to two years to effectively straighten teeth but as technology improves, new improved braces are available that offer less intrusive treatment.

Six-month Smile braces are relatively new to the market and promise straighter teeth in as little as, you’ve guessed it, six-months. Because the treatment is so fast and more discreet than old-fashioned fixed-metal braces, Six-Month Smile braces are becoming very popular with people wanting to put the finishing touches to their smile before a big social or professional occasion.

Six-Month Smile braces are suitable to treat a variety of straightening needs including overcrowding and bite issues. The small tooth-coloured wire system offers a high degree of discretion as they are almost impossible to see unless standing very close to the patient’s mouth. While it is true that some other braces, notably clear plastic retainers, have the edge in terms of discretion, Six-Month Smile braces more than make up for this with the incredible speed of treatment they provide. The average treatment time for Six-Month braces is an incredible 75 per cent faster than fixed-metal braces and plastic retainers. They also cost about half the price of plastic retainers and most other straightening systems.

Not all patients will be suitable for a Six-Month brace so it will be necessary to make an appointment with a Molesey dentists to asses suitability. Six-Month braces are all manufactured in a special laboratory in the USA to assure quality of treatment. They require short 10-minute appointments with a dentist on a monthly basis for tightening and adjustment and may be slightly uncomfortable at first, but this will usually pass after the first few days. Put the finishing touches to your smile with a Six-Month Smile brace and give yourself a reason to smile.