Incredible straight teeth with Damon braces from Weybridge dentist

As orthodontic teeth straightening improves with technological advances, braces become more discreet, fast-working and comfortable. This is exemplified by Damon braces, the latest system to offer friction-free technology for faster and more effective teeth-straightening. Damon braces also eliminate the need for palate expanders and extractions prior to treatment.

The friction-free movement from Damon braces is achievable because of the specially designed self-ligating wires which also make the overall movement of the teeth quicker. This makes treatment on average 4 to 6 months quicker than most other straightening systems.

Damon braces are also able to offer a much more comfortable straightening experience. Because the wires are self-ligating it means there is no need for elastic or metal ties which can often be a source of irritation for the gums. It also removes the need for regular uncomfortable brace tightening that is a feature of so many other orthodontic appliances. This is possible because the friction-free slide mechanism holds the wires allows teeth to move more comfortably. The lack of metal or elastic ties also means that the level of oral hygiene is improved with Damon braces. These ties, used in other braces, have been found to be breeding grounds for bacteria and trapped food debris causing dental decay and bad breath.

Although Damon braces resemble the old style ‘train-track’ fixed-metal braces, there are several fundamental differences. Damon brackets are made of ceramic and clear plastic resistant to wear and staining. This means they are far less visible than metal brackets. They are also up to 50 per cent smaller.

Damon braces cannot compete with some other straightening products such as Inviaslign in terms of discretion but they do give significantly improved results. Most ultra-discreet retainers or straightening braces only work for small or minor overcrowding needs. For teeth requiring a large scale of straightening, Invisalign or Inman aligners would be insufficient to correct the teeth.

Damon braces are slightly more expensive than most orthodontic appliances but the improved treatment time and lack of discomfort often more than make up for the extra cost. Damon braces are available from a Weybridge dentist to straighten your teeth without the discomfort.