How to straighten your teeth fast in Shepperton with the Inman Aligner

Like Halley’s Comet, something comes along once in your life time that captures the imagination and in orthodontic circles, that comet is the Inman aligner. The similarities don’t just stop there either, because both move pretty quickly as well and it is just possible that this aligner will be around for a good 75 years too! The thing that makes the Inman so special is the way it is designed and the way it works to get the front teeth of the mouth straightened. The mechanism is made up of springs, a wire and a bar attached to a plate and once it is set into the mouth, all of these elements in the design set about rocking the teeth until they become loosened, after which, the teeth move like a comet into position, possibly within 6 weeks of you starting the treatment. Now, this is unheard of with other devices, but it does mean that it is necessary for a retainer to be worn from time to time to prevent the teeth bouncing back to where they came from. Throughout the process, the aligner can also be taken out, so oral hygiene is never compromised. If you still can’t believe that teeth can be straightened like this, then just give the people over at Mulberry Dental in Walton Surrey a call, seeing as they serve the area of Shepperton, they can tell you all you need to know about the fantastic Inman.