How to cope with dental pain in Weybridge

It’s not easy coping with dental pain at the best of times, but it’s often useful to be able to identify the type of pain so that it can be combated until it can be can be properly treated, according to a Weybridge dentist. However, some pains can indicate the onslaught of a dangerous situation and in these circumstances, emergency treatment is required immediately. Minor pains can be caused by a chipped tooth which can lead to tongue or gum laceration and can be cured by a simple visit to the dentist. Other minor pains can follow on from dental procedures such as a filling or a root canal. In these cases, there is normally a cooling off period before the tooth settles down. But most other problems are caused by some level of decay in the tooth where the nerve is starting to be exposed and is often triggered off by chewing, hot and cold temperatures or a build up of pus between the gum and tooth. In these situations, it’s possible to soothe the pain with painkillers, the application of clove oil and flossing until a dentist can be seen. But if the face starts to swell, this can indicate an abscess and can develop into a possible life-threatening situation if not treated immediately. Most of these pains tend to happen quickly. But as in the case of malocclusion or ‘bad bite, it’s down to a build up over a period of time, and may take a long treatment to rectify. In all situations, dental treatment should be sought as soon as possible to avoid any complication spreading.