How Root Canal Treatment can help you in Molesey

We are all human: we all lead busy lives and try to do that best we can to stay healthy at all times. However, it is very easy to overlook things, especially with our oral health and if we do, this is where things can go tragically wrong….very quickly. In just 24 hours of stupidity, acids will start to attack the teeth, cavities will form and then your teeth will start to rot. If this goes unchecked, the inside of the tooth will become diseased and not only will it threaten the tooth itself, but you are leaving the door open to abscesses and gum disease. The only way to save the health of your mouth at the junction is to have root canal treatment. This involved removing the infected pulp cleared away, the roots removed and then have the tooth filled and capped. Laser surgery can do this very quickly and it will promote the life of the tooth. Most dental surgeries use lasers these days, but if you have any problems, give Mulberry dental care a quick call, for they can tell you where to go for this work in Molesey.