How Inman Aligner Straightens Your Teeth in Sunbury

You have always been conscious of your crooked teeth. You want your teeth straight and symmetrical but do not want the hassle of wearing unsightly braces for a long time. The Inman Aligner is the answer you have been waiting for on how to have a beautiful smile without waiting too long.
Sunbury dentists use Inman Aligners as alternative to metal-wire braces that can cause discomfort to users and inflammation of gums and soft tissues. They can also be alternative to invisible braces which take six months to a year to fully move your teeth into their desired position.
Inman Aligner is recommended for those with misaligned lower and upper front teeth. It has a metal bar placed across the front of your teeth. Because Inman Aligner allows a restricted movement of the teeth, it is not recommended for those whose teeth are heavily crowded.
Several features of the Inman Aligner that help straighten your teeth:
• Removable orthodontic appliance that moves the teeth to a straight and symmetrical position.
• It consists of a coiled spring positioned on the back or inside of the teeth and a metal bar visible across the teeth. The metal bar squeezes the teeth into its desired position.
• Treatment with Inman Aligner normally takes between six to sixteen weeks
• You have the option to remove the appliance for a few hours. However, it is highly recommended that you wear it at least 20 hours straight daily. The success of the treatment depends largely on how often you wear this appliance.
• Your Sunbury dentist will tell you that there will be difficulty of speech on the initial use of Inman Aligners.