Gummy Smile No More with Shepperton Dentist

You can improve your gummy smile with the expert cosmetic dentistry services provided by your Shepperton dentist.

Gummy smiles refer to having uneven gum levels or low gum lines. There are different ways to correct gummy smiles in Shepperton, usually depending on the case. Some of them include:

• Gum lift plus addition of porcelain veneers to close gaps
• Gum lift, porcelain veneers and aligners

If you are worried about the corrective procedure, your Shepperton dentist will ensure a painless gum lift via laser sculpting. The healing period is even quite short although it may take longer in some cases where extensive corrective procedure is required.

The corrective procedure itself is simple. Your Shepperton dentist will simply look at the way you smile — taking note of the gum lines and teeth alignment. In addition, the crown length is checked as well as the depth of the pocket. After, a gingivectomy plan will be created and drawn with a marker on the gum line. During the actual procedure, you will notice very minimal bleeding on the surgical site. If needed, veneer preparations will be done.

Your Shepperton dentist is equipped with the technology as well as the know how to correct any kind of gummy smiles. You can always consult one if you have questions pertaining to the gum lift or contour procedure. Your Shepperton dentist will be more than happy to answer your queries and assure you of the procedure’s safety.

In no time at all, you will be smiling perfectly and confidently.