Got problems with bad breath? Don’t despair, Molesley dentists can help

There are no two ways about it, bad breath can be a real pain. It is a nightmare scenario for all of us in social situations and is definitely worth doing your best to avoid. Nobody wants to have unpleasant smells emitting from their mouth when they talk or even smile but a basic understanding of the causes of bad breath can go a long way to helping to overcome it once and for all so that you can relax when with your peers.

You might hear professionals calling bad breath halitosis because that is the medical name for it. For most people bad breath is a relatively straight forward issue to deal with because the causes of it are pretty easy to understand and then sort out. Usually it is a matter of taking the best possible care of your mouth by following a dedicated dental hygiene regime at home.

By making sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day you will be taking the first step towards ensuring that bad breath doesn’t strike. This is because bad breath is essentially caused by bacteria in the mouth which can usually be removed by the process of brushing. Be sure to floss as well though as the bacteria can easily hide between teeth. Brushing your tongue can help too, as bad breath bacteria thrive there as well.

The problem might be more chronic than just a few uneasy hours after dinner. In this case you should seek more advice from your Molesley dentist about how to rid yourself of the problem in the long term. Chewing gum can be a handy ally too if you are in a situation where brushing is not possible. Keeping the mouth moist should see off most of the troublesome bacteria.