Getting Your Dentures Fitted in Surbiton

There’s an incredible range of techniques and products around to replace missing teeth in Surbiton these days; implants and bridges are in vogue right now as they are considered to be more desirable than dentures. But have you seen the dentures around today? Long gone is the imagery associated with them; they too have taken a leap into the 21st century, being made from far more flexible materials and more natural looking ‘teeth’- once in, they are hard to separate from the real thing. Modern dentists will resist the urge to ‘pull’ all of the teeth, as before, which means that where possible, partial dentures can be fitted. These come in many shapes and sizes, but essentially, they fit so true and firm around the remaining teeth, they allow a freedom similar to that of having a full set of teeth. But even if all the teeth have been lost, full dentures too are in a world of their own compared to the dark ages. Again, modern dentures fit the mouth far better than they ever did, thanks to the development of new, softer materials that adhere to the mouth far better than before, almost to the point that adhesives are almost unnecessary. Mini- implants have also been godsend to denture wearers. They can be located into the jaw within a couple of hours and once the dentures have been modified, they simply click onto the implants, locking them over the gums. Dentures now give you freedom, not imprison you.