Getting to Grips with Your Dental Phobias in Surbiton

Would you seriously consider throwing yourself under the no. 71 bus in Surbiton high street rather than visit the dentist? As extreme as that sounds, it’s amazing the lengths that some people will go to, just to avoid the dentist; this is dental phobia and it’s this irrational fear that can have a dramatic impact on everything you do in life, let alone stopping you from keeping your mouth healthy. Of course, your teeth will deteriorate in time that will only add to the issue. The best way is to confront the problem head on and get to the root of your deep phobias- only then can it be treated. Deeply ingrained problems may take some serious therapy at first, just to acknowledge there is a problem. But for dentists today, dental phobias are part of their training and they are well aware of the fears their patients go through. It may take half a dozen visits to the dentists before you opt for treatment, but the more you go, the more you will learn about your treatments and the sedation techniques a dentist will employ to make you feel comfortable; of course you can then build up a sense of friendship and trust with your dentist This can also put you in the position to choose the type of treatment that you want. This give you control, puts you in the position of power and gives you the sense that the dentist your servant, not the other way around. Conquer this and your lifestyle will take on a whole new lease of life. Remember these are not the dark ages of dentistry any more- modern dentistry is designed to be ‘pain-free’.