Getting ‘The Sunbury Smile’- A Dentist Explains

Having good teeth years ago seemed to be the domain of the rich and privileged. We are constantly being reminded of how beautiful Hollywood’s teeth are in films and on TV and how the British ‘smile’ was the constant butt of an American joke. But now, cosmetic dentistry is available to all- a dentist in Sunbury explains. There are so many treatments available to give you the perfect smile- what you need and the cost, depends on the amount of work required, but with the range of treatments around, almost anything is achievable. The cheaper end of the market starts with teeth whitening and home bleaching. Kits are available from most chemists and dentists. Then we move up to veneers, crowns and white fillings. These require work from your dentist over a couple of weeks but the results are rewarding. Gums can be contoured to relieve you of that ‘gummy smile’. These treatments have become quite standard, assuming the teeth are generally, in good order. But the prices start to rise when teeth are missing, crooked and decayed. Implants can cost anywhere upwards from £3000 per tooth, as can invisalign procedures. Bridging is an alternative to implants and cheaper, but if you simply can’t bear the thought of these treatments or their prices, there is the option of dentures. If you have the inclination, almost anything is achievable in cosmetic dentistry from fangs to diamond inserts. However, the most important thing to consider is the credentials of the dentist doing the work.