Getting the invisible treatment through Invisalign in Kingston-upon-Thames

For today’s generation, and for future generations of people who’ll have to go through the ‘agony’ of getting their teeth straightened, spare a thought for previous generations who went through this with a gob-full of iron work, for you don’t have to. Modern orthodontic treatments are so much faster, and don’t look ugly whilst doing it either. In fact when it comes to Invisalign, you couldn’t tell it was there at all. This wonderful little aligner from the wonderful US of A will straighten your teeth quickly, comfortably and with the utmost discretion. When you start the treatment, you will be presented with a series of completely clear aligners that you will have to change as your treatment progresses and your teeth start to move, being clear, no-one will know you are wearing it, so that has already removed the playground of staffroom ridicule. Throughout, you only need to wear it for around 22 hours a day- it’s removable, so now you have the luxury of brushing your teeth in a normal way too. And to cap this all off, your teeth will be cured of their crookedness in a third of the time it takes for traditional braces to do. Give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call as they can tell you the entire why’s and where’s about Invisalign in Kingston-upon-Thames.