Getting Multiple Dental Implants in one go in Shepperton

Most dentists have gone crazy for the dental implant, as have their patients and it is quickly becoming the most sort after treatment in order to overcome the problem of tooth loss, just ask the people of Mulberry Dental care who serve the Shepperton area from Walton in Surrey. But although the procedure has become as simple to do as a filling, if your teeth have been lost due to decay and gum disease, you may have lost some bone in the jaws, so you’ll need a bone graft and possibly some tissue graft before you can have the implant screwed into your jaw bone. If you have suffered serious tooth loss, you will have to have multiple implants in order that your new teeth can be attached. If your jaws and gums are in fairly good nick, you can have a one-step procedure where the implants and abutments (new teeth) are fitted in the same day: laser technology has allowed all of this to happen and reduces injury whilst enhancing healing and recovery. However, the two step procedure is better as it allows the dentist to monitor how this ‘alien’ root has been accepted and it also allows the gums and bone to recover from the trauma of this foreign invasion. Multiple implants can allow individual abutments to be fitted, or to have sections of three teeth joined together (a bridge) put in place. Whatever you have done, implants are in for life and have allowed a freedom to sufferers of tooth loss that dentures can never offer. In fact, they may also signal the death of the denture in the not so near future.