Getting Faster Treatments with Digital X-rays in Weybridge

The quicker the diagnosis, the quicker the treatment and there’s no greater aid available to dentists right now in Weybridge to do just that, than the digital X-ray. Since their introduction, X-rays have been an invaluable source of reference before diagnosis and then treatment. But technology has moved on very fast over the past 20 years and with it, so has the X-ray, its gone digital! As a patient, you probably wouldn’t notice much difference in the process of having the actual X-ray, as it’s very similar to the traditional way (although, you are exposed to far less radiation). But then with digital, the image can be pulled up onto a computer screen immediately to reveal any problems such as tooth growth or decay; then you can be treated straight away. Storing images on a computer is a luxury never before been afforded to the dentist. But this is also beneficial if you require treatment that cannot be done by your dentist. The information can be simply forwarded onto another specialist via e-mail. For you the patient, you get the best diagnosis quickly, meaning that problems can be nipped in the bud and treated faster, before they have a chance to develop into something more sinister.