Getting the best Porcelain Veneers in Surrey: Mulberry tells you all.

There is a good reason why dentists and their patients love working with porcelain to repair teeth in Surrey, it’s a beautiful and natural material that has a wonderful affinity to light, just as the enamel on the teeth does. So if you have any questions about porcelain, then ask Mulberry Dental Care, who serve the area all about it, but the answer will be the same and when it comes to restoration work in the mouth, porcelain is second to none. Porcelain veneers are one of the restorations on offer. If your teeth have aged before you have and rather letting the side down with their discolouration, chips, cracks and receding gums, then this is the treatment that will inject youth and beauty back into your smile again. Once you have made the choice, then your dentist will first have to prepare you for fitting. Your enamel will be removed from the surface of the teeth and then an imprint made in which to make the veneers from. Normally, this is a two week wait (unless you go with CEREC, which will take around and hour), during which time you will wear temporary veneers. Once back, these fragile little gems are cemented onto the teeth and the job is done. But prepare for a shock when you first see them- they are simply astounding and if you look after them, they can give you a good 20 years’ service.