Getting a Digital X-ray in Surbiton

If you require an X-ray in Surbiton, chances are these days it will be digital. Like most areas of the health service, dentistry has caught up with technology and uses the most advanced equipment to care for your teeth. Problems in the mouth can escalate very quickly, therefore the quicker the diagnosis, the quicker the dentist can treat you. Old x-rays were an invaluable way of spotting things like tooth decay, but it could take a while for them to be developed, hence the decay could do irreversible damage. With digital it’s instant. The practical process still remains: an image is taken of the mouth (digital uses far less radiation to get the image), and then fed straight away into a computer, which brings up a picture of your mouth on the screen. This can be colour coded and turned into a 3-D image, so that the dentist can make an exact diagnosis on the spot and then get to work straight away. Any image can be stored very easily on the computer for future use and takes up less space in the surgery, which is a godsend for the dentist. But another unique benefit of this system is that old style x-rays can be scanned onto the computer too, so that they can be cross referenced with the new digital images. This allows the dentist to build up precise dental records of their patients that can be accessed a the push of a button