Get porcelain veneers from your Weybridge dentist to improve the look of your smile

There is no longer any need for you to be ashamed of your smile. Dentistry procedures can create stunning smiles and make you proud to show off your teeth. If you have stained, broken or cracked teeth then you can have them effectively covered by stunning porcelain veneers which can be fitted quickly and efficiently.

Porcelain veneers are used to cover cracked, crooked or, in some cases, stained teeth. The use of porcelain is crucial because it is such a hard-wearing yet light substance. This means it can be made incredibly thin and still be durable enough for your mouth. Some porcelain veneers are so thin that they are often dubbed ‘contact lenses for teeth’.

Modern dentistry procedures mean that you can have a brand new porcelain veneer fitted in next to no time. Dentists increasingly use CEREC technology to take a digital x-ray of your teeth and then send this data to an online milling machine. This allows a new porcelain veneer to be constructed in about six minutes flat, ready to be fitted.

Your dentist can match up the veneer to the shade of your surrounding teeth before cleaning the area of debris and then attaching the veneer using a strong bonding agent. You will then be free to walk out of the surgery with a veneer covering up your unsightly tooth. But so discreet are modern veneers that even your closest intimates won’t notice that it is not one of your natural teeth.

If you want more information talk to your Weybridge dentist and find out how porcelain veneers can improve your smile and give your confidence a huge boost.