Get Dental Implants at the Sunbury Dental Clinic

Dental implants are used in Sunbury to replace lost teeth, with recent surveys showing an excellent 5 year survival rate. Although there are numerous ways to replace missing teeth, dental implants have proven invaluable in replacing missing teeth. They are more natural looking, and are stronger than other types of tooth replacements. Sunbury dentists are very well trained in implant dentistry; however there may be times when you are referred to an oral surgeon if complications are suspected.
Dental implants are made from titanium alloy, and have a barrel-like shape. They also have an area to be used for the crown portion of the tooth to be attached to the implant. A hole is drilled into the jaw bone where the implant will be placed using special drills and avoiding crucial anatomical structures. The dentist is usually guided by a stent that has been fabricated using dental study models and computerised tomography.