Get dental crowns from Sunbury to improve the appearance of your smile

Having a smile you can be proud of means you will be showing it off at every opportunity. This will put others at ease in social occasions and means you will get along with people better. The boost this gives to your confidence will be huge. But how can you do this if you have lost a tooth or have a tooth that is broken down or cracked? Dental crowns might be the answer you have been looking for.

Dental crowns can be fitted over broken down teeth or placed where you have lost a tooth. They are basically replicas of teeth and modern dental crowns are incredibly life like, with your dentist able to match it to your surrounding teeth in terms of colour, shade and even texture.

They are also incredibly convenient to have fitted thanks to advances in technology. CEREC techniques allow your dentist to take a digital image or x-ray of your teeth and send it to an online milling machine. This machine can construct your dental crown in about six minutes and it will be ready to fit there and then.

Having matched the crown to your surrounding teeth, your dentist will clean the area of any debris and attach it using a strong dental bonding agent. The result is a lifelike appearance that is incredible durable. Modern dental crowns are usually made of porcelain which is extremely lightweight but extremely hard wearing.

In time you will even forget that you ever had a dental crown fitted because they can be treated just like regular teeth. If you would like more information, talk to your Sunbury dentist the next time you see him or her.