How to get a Smile Makeover in Weybridge: Mulberry Dental Care tells all

Cosmetic dentistry is everywhere you look in Weybridge: in magazines, on the TV and in shops; you are being constantly bombarded by images of people with beautiful smiles and you could bet your house on the chances that all of these people have had a little work done at some point and those cunning foxes- the dentists have been quick to catch on to this and now offer you complete packages to tempt you with so that you can get that smile too by giving you a complete make-over. This starts by ensuring that all your teeth are there to start with and if not, they will plug up any gaps by using a dental bridge or an implant- crooked teeth will be straightened using a brace or aligner. If you hadn’t got these problems to start with, you can jump straight in with some teeth whitening and that may be all you need, but if there are signs of damage, they can be covered up with veneers or some dental bonding. Another problem that sometimes crops up in the mouth is the ‘gummy smile’, but these too can be removed using the latest laser treatment. Finally, if you are getting on in years,¬†Botox¬†may be necessary to get rid of the cracks and wrinkles above the lips. Everything is possible in today’s dental world and someone in the areas that knows is Mulberry Dental Care of Walton and they can give you all the advice and information you need, after which, you’ll be smiling already!