Find out more about the incredible Six Months Smile treatment: available from dentists in Molesey

For patients considering getting their teeth straightened out, there is a relatively new option available that avoids some of the pitfalls associated with the traditional metal brace but retains many of its effective practices. It’s called Six Months Smile and is available from many dentists in the United Kingdom.

Six Months Smile can be used to correct most alignment issues that can afflict the mouth. Rotating teeth is not possible with Six Months Smile but the programme can sort out alignment issues, overcrowding and make sure that teeth are spaced out in a more effective fashion.

Like traditional braces, Six Months Smile uses brackets and wires but they are not the same unsightly metal colour. Instead, Six Months Smile uses a material that is the same colour as teeth. This is a major advantage over the traditional method because many patients found it extremely difficult to deal with the change in their appearance that was brooked by having a mouth full of metal.

Perhaps the proudest boast of the Six Months Smile treatment concerns the amount of time it takes. Traditional metal braces often need to be worn for several years but Six Months Smile can better that. As the name might suggest, the Six Months Smile treatment has an average treatment time of just half a year and is attracting many new adherents.

Straightening out your teeth is not just a matter of improving your appearance. You are less likely to suffer from bruxism and will bypass the possibility of developing cavities in teeth which are overcrowded. The next time you go and see your dentist in Molesey, ask them about Six Months Smile.