Find out more about endodontics at a Surbiton dental practice

Endodontics is a form of dental speciality which specifically deals with tooth pulp and the tissues that surround the root of the tooth. Endodontists perform quite an array of tooth pulp and tissue procedures such as: treating badly cracked teeth, root canal therapies and treatment of dental traumas. If you are experiencing problems with your teeth particularly related to the pulp of your teeth a local Surbiton dental practice offer all the endodontic advice and treatments you will require. The most common endodontic procedures are root canal or more precisely endodontic therapies, if the pulp of the tooth which contains all the nerves, lymphatic tissue and other important components becomes diseased or badly injured endodontic treatment will be required in order for the tooth to be saved. This treatment involves a complete removal of the pulp of the tooth, cleaning, shaping and decontamination with the use of specific dental files and irrigational solutions and finally it is filled with an inert filling usually a eugonal based cement. Though painless when performed properly, inevitably there is a great degree of anxiety related to these kinds of treatments as it is strereotycially one of the most feared procedures in dentistry, one which most would know about due to the heavy involvement of drilling and filing. However in most cases if endodontic therapy is offered it would be more painful for the patient not to have the treatment due to the nerve damage associated with such problems with the teeth.