Find out about Biodontics from a Moseley town dentist practice

Biodontics is a form of educational dentistry founded by Dr. Edward Rossomando in 2001; its aims are wide and vast. Biodontics is the process of combining molecular biology and biotechnology to dentistry, in effect training new dentists in these disciplines and their best use to further oral health. There is an educational program called the Biodontics Educational Program that is hosted by the university of Connecticut`s dental medicine school. It showcases lectures and presentations about the new ways in which biodontics and dentistry can be furthered which are given by a variety of entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists, architects, and dental manufacturers. In addition to this there is an American Biodontics Society which acts as a discussionary body to evaluate and analyse new innovations in biodontic dentistry. This new discipline has been very popular and has reached many dental practices around the world including in the town of Molesey in Surrey in the UK.