Fast orthodontic treatment with Six Month Smile from Sunbury dentist

Six Month Smile braces are a revolutionary new orthodontic straightening system, pioneered in the US, that is now sweeping the UK offering incredibly fast teeth straightening. More traditional straightening methods involve wearing braces for as much as two to three years to achieve results that Six Month Smile braces can achieve in just six months.

Six Month braces can be used to treat most forms of misalignment including all forms of bite issues as well as overcrowding and spacing problems. A dentist will assess your suitability for the treatment at an initial consultation where they will take x-rays and photographs. They can then give you a more thorough idea of how successful the treatment could be for your teeth and how much it is likely to cost. Both of these factors obviously depend on the nature of the orthodontic concern.

Once the braces have been fitted you will be required to visit the dentist every four to five weeks for a check up. Treatment with Six Month Smile braces may cause some discomfort at the beginning and after adjustment appointments but this is common to all orthodontic straightening procedures and is rarely more than mild and temporary. It is also important to stress the level of discretion offered by the treatment. Unlike traditional train-track braces, the nickel wires used in Six Month braces are tooth coloured and very discreet and very hard to notice unless standing at very close quarters to the patient.

Six Month Smile braces from a Sunbury dentist are perfect for putting the finishing touches to a beautiful smile. For the millions of people in the UK who feel anxious about their teeth, Six Month Smile braces could offer the perfect solution in just six months.