Experience incredible Cerec technology at Surbiton dentist

Dental technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Nowhere is this more obvious than with the recently pioneered Cerec technology. Cerec is a revolutionary new system that allows dentists to design, create and install dental restorations such as veneers, crowns and inlays in a matter of minutes. These processes could often take up to two weeks in the past, which gives you some ideas of exactly how significant a development Cerec is proving to be.

The system works by utilising the amazing technology available with digital x-rays and three-dimensional imaging. In the past, a Surbiton dentist would need to take several dental moulds and a series of conventional x-rays to build up a picture of the patient’s teeth. Each dental mould and set of x-rays would often constitute a whole appointment, which could be very time consuming. Digital x-rays allow the dentist to produce an accurate 3D image on a computer almost immediately. This enables them to see exactly what is required and begin the design process straight away.

Using computers, the design for the new crown or veneer can be incredibly accurate, to microscopic levels in fact. This means that Cerec is also improving the quality of treatment as well as the speed. Once the new restoration is designed and the dentist satisfied, they can then instruct a computer-guided mill to sculpt the new crown from a single piece of specially chosen porcelain. This amazing process takes as little as six minutes per tooth.

The new crown or veneer can then be fitted using the traditional methods. These ‘chair-side restorations’, as they have come to be known, are revolutionising the world of dentistry and give a valuable insight into the possibilities of dentistry in the future. More convenient, better quality and more accurate treatment is the way forward and Cerec is definitely leading the way.