Enlighten Tooth Whitening in Your Home in Surbiton

Everyone would love to do away with any ‘extra curricular’ visits to the dentist, but cosmetic dentistry is dangling a very desirable carrot to put the confidence back in our mouths and make us feel beautiful again. It would be lovely if we could be treated a home eh? Well, people of Surbiton, you can! Tooth whitening has gone DIY, and more and more people are turning to home whitening kits these days. One however, incorporates the expertise of your dentist too- Enlighten. Your dentist will assess your suitability before you start the programme (something dangerously overlooked when going it alone with over-the-counter kits), and then measures you up for your liquid-tight bleaching trays. These will hold your bleaching agent for the next fortnight. It works like this: you come home from a hard days work, eat, wash and then get ready for bed. This is when you pop the trays and the bleach into your mouth and then go to sleep; repeated for the next 14 days. Herein lies the greatest selling point of this treatment (that and the fact the results have been likened to the finish of a porcelain veneer), it takes no time out of your day at all! Once the course is complete, your dentist will give you a quick, deep bleaching laser treatment, and you walk away looking like a film star!